Essential Tools for Whole Living

Whether you’re looking for professional development or personal growth opportunities for yourself, a group, or an entire organization, the tools and strategies associated with the Wholeness Framework™ can be adapted to meet your needs.

Empowering individuals...

  • Life coaches seeking to increase self-awareness in their clients
  • Education professionals wanting to know how to effectively help their students help themselves
  • Executives and managers who value supporting their employees
  • Organizations that facilitate positive changes for individuals in their community

Empowering each other...

  • Families wanting to decrease conflict, increase connection, and encourage authenticity
  • Friends looking to strengthen their bonds and help each other grow
  • Co-workers seeking to enhance collaboration and communication
  • Students needing effective tools and strategies to support their fellow students

Empowering yourself...

  • Courageously navigate major transitions and challenges
  • Make difficult decisions with greater self-trust
  • Discover what authentically fulfills you
  • Find peace of mind in the middle of the chaos

Workshop Topics

How to Live a Whole Life

Are you constantly feeling stressed out, overwhelmed, or anxious? Discover how the Wholeness Framework can help you mindfully care for yourself and authentically connect with the world around you by cultivating the emotional resilience you need to embrace uncertainty.

The Power of Core Values Awareness

When you know how to identify what’s most important to you, you can make difficult decisions with greater self-trust, improve your relationships, and find the courage you need to overcome the challenges you face.

How to Skillfully Navigate Adversity

Even if you have no control over your external circumstances, you can more skillfully navigate through life when you understand the Adversity Cycle, the 6-step journey we each take when we face challenges. Figure out how to get unstuck when you feel paralyzed by fear and indecision, and, most importantly, clear up your misconceptions about acceptance and gratitude.

Many Paths to Mindfulness

With one simple perspective shift you can practice mindfulness anywhere, anytime. Find out how to integrate mindfulness into your daily life in surprising new ways and develop a sustainable practice that feels right for you.

Customize Your Experience

Are you interested in creating a half-day, day-long, or multi-day workshop for your organization or group? We will work with you to develop an experience that gives all participants the chance to discover new perspectives, find clairty, and, most importantly, feel empowered to apply they valuable skills they've learned.

What our workshop participants are saying...

Becky's classes have provided me with a well-defined framework to practice strategic actions of self-love and trust on a daily basis.

~ Julia, author, artist & professor

After just one of Becky's classes, I've made peace within myself about relationships that had remained hurtful for years.

~ Helene, spiritual director & heart-centered caregiver

All in-person workshops have been postponed until further noticed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. They will resume when social distancing orders have been fully lifted. Until then, we will be offering all workshops online through Zoom. Those that are open to the public will be listed here...

What we offer...


Fulfilling experiences that engage and connect groups of all sizes.


Grassroots, scalable solutions designed to inspire and empower.


A compassionate, collaborative partner for your journey of accelerated growth.

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