The Wholeness Framework

Ever Present Wholeness

In the dictionary, wholeness is defined as an “unbroken completeness with nothing lacking.” This means a whole life includes sadness, as well as happiness. Sickness, as well as health. Loss, as well as connection. Only from this perspective can you integrate all your experiences together in a way that makes you feel whole.

The Wholeness Framework empowers you to nurture yourself and authentically connect with the world around you by cultivating the emotional resilience necessary to navigate uncertainty.

No one aspect of this framework is more important than another and none of them stand alone, so you don't have to make everything in your life perfect to feel whole. Instead, each of the nine domains are interconnected in such a way that by strategically focusing on just one of them, you can make a tangible difference in all the others areas. However, this also means that if any one domain is ignored, it can also have unintended consequences for every other aspect of your life.

When used in conjunction with the Core Values Awareness™ process, Adversity Cycle™, and the Core Clarity Model™, the Wholeness Framework can help you manage your stress, reduce anxiety, and experience authentic fulfillment, regardless of your circumstances. 

Tools to Support Your Wholeness

Core Values Awareness™

Experiencing wholeness involves living in alignment with our deepest, most consistent core values. In order to do this we need to able to identify our values and then express them both externally and internally. That's right - it's not enough to align your values with how you treat others - you also have to align them with the way you treat yourself.

Your core values influence many of the beliefs, motivations, and intentions that shape how you experience your daily life.

Even though this is the case, most of us still have a hard time identifying our own values. As the old saying goes, "It's hard to read the label when you're sitting inside the jar." There are a variety of identification processes out there. Some ask generalized questions that result in a generic list of values. Others ask you to pick your values from pre-determined pairs or lists of words. The challenge with these methods is that you can't be sure that the values you end up with are really yours, and not the ones your family or your culture wants you to have.

Core Values Awareness is different.

Our process empowers you to identify what's most important to you within the context of your daily life by teaching you how to dig beneath your experiences until you reach the core of what you value. From what brings you joy to what most upsets you, you'll quickly discover your values are hidden in plain sight all around you. 

The benefits of living in alignment with your core values are endless:

  • Experience an authentic sense of ongoing fulfillment, regardless of your circumstances.
  • Make difficult decisions with greater self-trust.
  • Improve your relationships by resolving core values conflicts.
  • Find the courage you need to face your most difficult life challenges.

Core Values Awareness can be facilitated through a one-on-one coaching session, in a workshop setting for any size group, or as part of a consulting package for any type of organization, including businesses, schools, and nonprofits.

The Adversity Cycle

If you've ever experienced a major challenge and reached the point where you were grateful for what you learned from it (even if you never want to go through it again), you're already familiar with the Adversity Cycle. Most of us are also familiar with the experience of getting stuck at some point along the way. Awareness is unsettling. Trying to accept the unacceptable only creates resistance. Fear is often easier to find than courage.

What makes adversity even more challenging is the fact that most of us are unaware of the steps we naturally take to move through it.

Without this awareness, you may not know where you've been or where you're heading next. This uncertainty increases the discomfort, stress, and anxiety associated with difficult life challenges, but it doesn't have to be this way.

Knowledge is power. Even if you have no control over your external circumstances, you can feel more in control of your inner world by figuring out where you are and finding the resources you need to complete the cycle. We each take this same journey again and again across all the different aspects of our life, feeling a greater sense of wholeness with every step we take.

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The journey begins when you recognize that your perspectives and beliefs directly influence how you experience every aspect of your life. Notice the difference between the voice of your heart and the feedback of your "inner critic". Discover what you truly value. Acknowledge the stressful beliefs you hold about yourself and your life circumstances.

The Core Clarity Model™

Most of us don't move smoothly through all the stages of the Adversity Cycle, especially when facing new challenges. Instead, we tend to spend most our time trying to control our circumstances and getting caught up in what we think and how we feel.

If you're paralyzed by a lack of clarity, it's important to remember there are deeper layers that need to be explored. 

Sustainable shifts in your experience of life occur most organically when you explore and more fully understand yourself at your core.

The Core Clarity Model can help you discover how to seamlessly move through the layers of your life to overcome adversity and experience wholeness. 

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