Six Perspective Shifts for a Surprising New Year…

At the turn of a new year, many of us feel the pull to set resolutions and intentions, establish goals, or create healthier habits. But how many of us ever stop to consider our perspective?

This New Year, instead of changing your life, change the way you look at your life with the Fulfillment Cycle. This journey starts with awareness and ends with unconditional gratitude, not just for the “good” things that happen along the way, but for everything.

By making these perspective shifts, you can shape your life moment by moment, and allow it to intuitively unfold…


This year, rather than trying to change yourself, become an observer. Notice your assumptions, judgments, and expectations. Notice what fills you up and what depletes you. Notice what sparks your attention and what turns it off. Don’t create any new habits or practices as a result. Just notice. This in and of itself is a practice that will have a positive ripple through your life.


This year, don’t try to accept your frustrations and difficulties – begin to accept the ways in which you argue with your circumstances. This is the counterintuitive path to true acceptance. When you’ve discovered it, you’ll know, because you will feel it in the quality of your breath and the clarity of your mind. Acceptance is not a forced march – it is the path of peace.


This year, instead of finding the courage to set big goals, figure out what gave you the courage to set and accomplish big goals in the past. Where did you place your faith? When did you stand up for yourself and your dreams? How did you find the strength to persist against the odds? Once you know these answers, you’ll discover the courage to take your next step.


This year, change your perspective rather than your circumstances. Redefine failure. Redefine happiness. Redefine perfection. Once you find the definitions that feel right for you, you will see your circumstances in a whole new light.


This year, trust that growth is a natural part of the process. You don’t have to achieve anything to experience it. All you have to do is think back on how you would have handled the same situation last month, last year, or five years ago. When you live with awareness, you can’t help but grow.


This year, discover the true source of your gratitude. It doesn’t come from your external circumstances – it flows freely from your heart when you remove your assumptions, judgments, and expectations about what your life should look like. With this perspective shift, it becomes possible to feel just as much gratitude for your challenges as you do for your good fortunes. Maybe even more.

What surprises are waiting for you this year? Shift your perspective and then find out!