Are you a selfless perfectionist?

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Answer each question below based on your average response...

Do you usually get choked up when you watch emotional movie scenes?
Do you typically go out of your way to avoid conflicts with other people?
Do you often feel strongly impacted by images of violence or suffering in the media?
Do people tend to come to you when they need a supportive listener?
Do you typically find it much easier to put the needs of other people ahead of your own?
Do you often keep your troubles to yourself so you won't be a source of worry for your loved ones?
Do you have a natural tendency to want to make other people happy?
When you do an anonymous good deed, do you find it just as rewarding as (or even more so than) when you receive recognition?
Do you find it hard to celebrate or even identify your achievements in life?
Are you always in the process of setting and working toward some new personal and/or professional growth goal?
Has anyone ever called you an over-achiever, Type A, detail-oriented, or a perfectionist?
Do you prefer to have a lot of control over many different aspects of your life?
Are you usually your own harshest critic?
Would you say fear of failure is one of your biggest motivators?
When you compare yourself to other people do you often end up feeling inadequate?
Do you tend to regret many of your past actions?