Coming in 2019...

What if none of your circumstances had to change in order for everything to look and feel completely different? 

This is the premise of my first as-yet untitled book, which helps you discover how to change your life by changing your perspective first. I do this by guiding you through the six stages of my Fulfillment Cycle

In each chapter, you'll receive inspiring wisdom and step-by-step instructions to experiment with my most life-transforming processes, along with concrete examples and a wealth of resources to help you navigate through any difficult challenge you may face, from career changes to relationships, parenting and care-giving, or any other situation that increases your level of stress and anxiety.

Awareness, Acceptance, Courage, Change, Growth, and Gratitude have become the foundation of how I live my life, and influence every aspect of my coaching methods. I'm thrilled to be able to share these perspectives in such a limitless format, and I can't wait to send this book out into the world!

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