SPARK 2018 starts Sept 18th

Aug 29, 2018

I’m excited to be a facilitator and teacher again this year for the Women’s Entrepreneurship Initiative SPARK Program, which is affiliated with Saint Mary’s College in Notre Dame, Indiana. I look forward to working with all the incredible women who have been accepted into the program and can’t wait to watch their journeys unfold!

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My new season of classes begins soon!

Aug 28, 2018

The Center for Spiritual Growth resumes classes for the 2018-19 season the first Wednesday in September! My first class is on Wednesday, September 12th from 7-9pm. Through December I’ll be addressing topics related to stress, anxiety, and self-care! Attend one class or all of them. Questions? Email me at

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Wild Wondrous Women 2018

Jul 30, 2018

It was an honor to be invited this year to teach at my first weekend retreat! Wild Wondrous Women was as beautiful and inspiring an experience as I’ve ever had, and I feel truly grateful for the bonds that were created among the amazing women who attended. Sincere thanks to Jillian Speece, the heart and soul…

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Bloom Where You’re Planted

Jan 18, 2018

I’ve been coming to this place for as long as I can remember.

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Six Perspective Shifts for a Surprising New Year

Jan 3, 2018

At the turn of a new year, many of us feel the pull to set resolutions and intentions, establish goals, or create healthier habits. But how many of us ever stop to consider our perspective? This New Year, instead of changing your life, change the way you look at your life by walking the path of the Courageous…

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We Are Surrounded by Infinite Beauty

Nov 9, 2017

When we think of infinite beauty, our mind often drifts to images of pristine beaches, snow-capped mountain ranges, or fields of wildflowers. But how many of us think of our own backyard?

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The Miraculous Ordinary

Oct 1, 2017

Starting today, I’ll be posting once a month about my experience of mindfulness through digital photography. There are many paths to the present moment. What’s yours?

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New Content Coming in October!

Sep 18, 2017

Keep an eye out for new content and classes coming in October! New themes for social media posts. Useful and insightful new blog content. Maybe even a little experimenting with vlogging or Facebook Live! Sign up for my email list to stay in the loop…

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7 Tips for Making Difficult Decisions

Feb 7, 2017

Decision making is an unavoidable part of life. Every day we confront choices with no guarantee of what the outcome will be, and this uncertainty can often leave us feeling paralyzed. Do we take an exciting risk or move instead toward the comfort of safety?

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New Semester Begins Feb. 8th

Jan 27, 2017

My cycle of classes at the Center for Spiritual Growth begins again on Feb. 8th! Here’s the schedule with exact dates where available:

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