Everything you need, you already have.

Everything you aspire to be, you already are.

What if you could see it, too?

What would it be like to truly feel you have everything you need? To honestly believe that you are just as amazing as all those inspiring people you admire? To know in both your head and your heart that you are whole and perfect exactly as you are.

What would you stop doing? What would you start doing, instead? Rather than daydreaming about “normal” or striving for “better,” imagine what it would be like to finally feel good in your own skin. To stop spending all that energy trying to fix what you perceive to be “broken.” To start embracing uncertainty and using your unique gifts to find authentic fulfillment. Every. Single. Day.

What if nothing in your life has to change in order for everything to look and feel completely different?

It's time for a new perspective...

Our fears often prevent us from living an authentically fulfilling life. We rely on fear of failure as our primary motivator. Fear of uncertainty causes us to play small. We extinguish our joy in the present moment through fear of loss. Fear of disappointment paralyzes us with its double-edged sword. The result of living with these fear-based perspectives is usually, not surprisingly, debilitating stress and anxiety.

Uncertainty may be a fact of life, but stress and anxiety don't have to be.

If you're ready to use your fears as a catalyst for growth in order to discover who you really are, I invite you to step onto the path of the Courageous Embrace...  

What I offer...


Make accelerated progress on your journey.


Discover practical processes that will empower you to change your life!


Coming January 2018!


Becky has helped me understand and work through my anxiety more thoroughly and efficiently than any other person, book, or method I've tried.

Gloria, passionate educator & truth seeker

Becky inspires me to live my best life, with integrity and courage and love.

Katie, community connector & solo parent

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