Practical tools to find clarity and peace in an uncertain world.

You've probably heard it all before...

Relax. Get a good night sleep. Exercise. Eat a healthy diet. Do deep breathing. Stop worrying. Start a meditation practice. Read this book. Take this online course. Try this mindfulness app. Make gratitude lists. Repeat positive affirmations. Find your purpose. And if all else fails, just let it go.

We all know what we should do to feel better and yet we often struggle to stick to the plan. Instead, we beat ourselves up for not being enough. Motivated enough. Disciplined enough. Capable enough. Focused enough.

But what if you're not the problem?

In a world filled with uncertainty, a laundry list of practices and resources often isn't enough to get us through the adversities we face, because helpful as they are, they aren't enough. Deep enough. Authentic enough. Integrated enough. Practical enough.

What you need is a way to integrate all your life experiences together so they make sense to you.

Here at Ever Present Life, we offer practical tools and strategies to help you do just that. Yes, you can effectively manage your stress, feel less anxious, and experience greater fulfillment, regardless of your circumstances. Founder Becky Lindstrom is a UC Davis-certified Life Coach and an intensely analytical science nerd with a knack for seeing all the shades of gray other people often overlook. After struggling for years with constant generalized anxiety, she figured out how to make peace with uncertainty, trust in herself, and express her core values in her daily life. Then, she developed the Wholeness Framework, along with supportive resources such as Core Values Awareness, the Adversity Cycle, and the Core Clarity Model to empower her clients to do the same. 

Let Becky and her team help you find your fulfillment today.

We all have the same purpose in life - to fully and authentically express our deepest, most consistent core values.

What we offer...


Fulfilling experiences that engage and connect groups of all sizes.


Grassroots, scalable solutions designed to inspire and empower.


A compassionate, collaborative partner for your journey of accelerated growth.

Client Testimonials

Becky has helped me understand and work through my anxiety more thoroughly and efficiently than any other person, book, or method I've tried.

Gloria, teacher & truth seeker

Becky inspires me to live my best life, with integrity and courage and love.

Katie, courageous connector & conscious creator

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