Everything you need, you already have.

Everything you aspire to be, you already are.

Let's get real...

How are you? No, really. How are you?

Completely overwhelmed? Tired of feeling unfulfilled? Afraid of making the wrong decision?

If you're done pretending like you've got it all together, it's okay to drop the mask. This is a safe place to share your truth.

Perhaps you have fond memories of the "normal" stress you used to feel years ago when life was less complicated. These days the tension may regularly drive you to unsettling new emotional territory. Maybe even crossing the line into anxiety. 

If you've tried a potpourri of holistic wellness practices such as yoga, meditation or mindfulness, and still haven't figured out how to keep that peaceful feeling from dissipating the minute you walk back into the real world, you can stop criticizing yourself. You aren't doing it wrong. Perhaps your wisdom lies along a different path...

You don't have to wait until some imagined perfect future to find peace, nor to create the fulfilling life you seek. In fact, none of your circumstances actually need to change in order for your life to look and feel completely different.

A new perspective...

The suffering caused by stress and anxiety provokes many of us to set out on our own unique healing journey. Along the way, many of us become more aware of the profound influence fear has on every aspect of our daily lives.

While attempting to face these fears, we may also stumble upon an important, but intimidating truth...

Uncertainty is unavoidable.

Acknowledging this reality may make you feel even more paralyzed, but based on my own experiences, I can assure you of this: although uncertainty is a fact of life, debilitating stress and anxiety don't have to be.

What would your life be like if you trusted yourself to handle the uncertainties you face? If you want to find out, I can help. Check out this introduction to the Courageous Embrace and explore the possibilities...  

What I offer...


Make accelerated progress on your journey.


Discover practical processes that will empower you to change your life!


Coming January 2018!


Becky helped me delve into my own dreams and fears, and leave other people's expectations behind.

~ Marijke, student of social justice, sustainability and life

Becky inspires me to live my best life, with integrity and courage and love.

Katie, nurturer of children, connection and spirit


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